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Not only the elderly were interviewed

Young people were interviewed as part of the Stories of Becontree project too. On the last day of the film production, we asked from the young participants to share on camera their experience in taking part in the project. Facilitated

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A heaven with the gate open

Emily Saville’s narration about the Becontree Estate reveals impoverished conditions in the early days of settling there and people’s search for community amenities to ease their lives.

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The first story of Stories of Becontree

The first story about Becontree is not actually the first ever heard or recalled. There are so many stories we never learn or record and listen that are going to remain on the living memories of people who lived or live today in

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Filming the living history of the Becontree Estate in Dagenham

Ioannis Athanasiou, the leader of the project wrote an article describing the vision and the process while filming the Stories of Becontree. This article published in the November/December 2013 issue of the InterpNEWS (the international heritage interpretation news magazine). A community’s

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Screening dedicated to older people’s day

Such a remarkable day to screen the Stories of Becontree at Kingsley Church Hall in Dagenham! 1st of October is the older people’s day and on this special day the event was dedicated to older participants of the project for

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An amazing launch of a fascinating film

With positive appraisals and numerous viewers, we gladly launched the ‘Stories of Becontree’  in the Local History Fair at the Valence House Museum. Many young participants, our volunteers and Catch22 staff members helped to represent the organisation and speak to

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The great day arrived! Saturday 28/9 at Valence House

Young people, volunteers and Catch22 staff invite you in the launching of the HLF funded film ’Stories of Becontree’ Saturday 28 September 10am-4pm Valence House Museum  (Becontree Avenue, Dagenham, London, Greater London RM8 3HT) It’s a free event with a lot

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Outdoor filming day and celebrations

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Group interview at Kingsley Hall

On Tuesday 6 August, Shannon and Jamie acted as filmmakers and Salyan took up the challenge to interview three elderly persons, Sead, Rita and Lesley, and later Margerite, the only one of the Dagenham Girl Pipers who lives today in

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Monday 5 August: Stories of a war veteran and a fun of Clark Gable

Today, Shannon interviewed Harold and stirred many memories about the estate. Ellen interviewed Violet and talked about fashion, war and love affairs at Kingsley Hall. Surprisingly, the youngest member of the team interviewed the oldest female participant with eighty years difference between

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